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Guitar Hero : Metallica announced

1 February, 2009 at 3:44pm | Life, My Games, Work

I only ever seem to write on this blog when there’s a new GH game coming out…


That said, I’ve started to code a little in my free time. I got a block of time over the Christmas break and I decided to have a good go at doing some stuff with XNA and C#. Was a good experience, I feel a lot more comfortable with C# now. I’ve learnt to live with some of the annoying differences between it and C++. I code in the latter every day for my day job; for another language that’s so close to it, it takes a bit of a leap to leave the old ways behind.

So, hopefully I’ll give this blog a bit of a new lease of life soon with some tidbits from my XNA adventures. I’ve got a couple of ‘in-progress’ articles going already.

Anyway, Metallica…

The last time there was rumblings of a Metallica game was back in 2003:

… and I would know nothing about such a game at all of course… *whistles*

Damage Inc. [Metallica car combat title] (PC/PS2/GC/XBOX, Climax/VU Games)*
Seems like a very long time ago now… I’d like to say more about it, but it’s probably not a good idea.

Like Aerosmith last year, my involvement is pretty minimal; I’m working on something else right now. The Metallica game is based on the World Tour engine, so all four instruments are playable. Unlike with the Aerosmith game, where you were limited to just guitar and bass.

As per usual, with the press-situation for these sorts of things I really can’t say anything in more detail. It looks fantastic and I think the fans are going to be dead impressed with it.

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