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An emulator for the European 8-bit Amstrad CPC computer. I started work on it, around 1996.


Link :


A map/scenario editor for the PC game: Red Alert.

rck1.jpg rck3.jpg rck4.jpg

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Link to last version of RACK :


  • Field Commander A9 says:

    Mr. Pugh
    I need some help with the Red Alert Construction Kit. Specifically I need to know if a version exists that allows the user to place barriers such as sandbag and concrete walls.

    • Gavin says:


      I have a pretty hazy memory of it (~14 years does that. 🙂 ), but I think those fall under the ‘overlay’ category, the same method by which ore got placed.

      I can’t remember if support for that ever made it into RACK. If it didn’t, I’d imagine the intention was to use the editor built into Red Alert itself (the one which uses their game engine) to place sandbags, walls, and ore.


  • Field Commander A9 says:

    where would I go in program to access the overlay category?

  • OldRed says:

    Hi Gavin,
    I’m trying to fire up R.A.C.K. and it throws a Run-time error ’53’ File not found. I don’t remember which file it is looking for. Do you?

    For some reason I am thinking it is conquer.mix. If so, I can’t locate it on any disk. Is it buried in another .mix file?

    Many thanks.

  • OldRed says:

    Actually, I realized that conquer.mix indeed exists in the R.A.C.K. folder – scratch that idea.

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